Outdoor Wood Furnace Parts

We carry the most important service parts for your outdoor wood furnaces, whether they are Heatmor products, other wood furnaces or wood boilers.

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Part NumberNameDescriptionPrice
93020Anode Rod
10355R/95120Bladder / Fitting
10421RChemical - Control(1) Gallon
10206Chimney Extension32.5" - Steel
92995Chimney Extension48" - Selkirk
93311Fan Large (150cfm)(1)200, (2)400, (2)600
10427R/10426Flipper AssemblyLarge & Small
95105GasketFan / Flipper
95101GasketFiredoor (2.75ft)
95104GasketFlue (1999-2016)
95121GasketFlue (200RND)
95122GasketFlue (400RND)
92191Grate9" x 18"
93305High LimitHoneywell
10423RPop-off Ball
10283Rear Retro Air Box KitModel 400
93008SiliconeHigh Temp
93026Temperature Gauge
93341AquastatWhite / Rodgers