Outdoor Wood Furnaces

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The use of outdoor wood furnaces for heating is gaining new popularity with plentiful wood supplies and its cost effectiveness,low impact on the environment and the advent to safe, convenient, and long lasting stainless steel outdoor wood furnaces.

Special Financing Now Available for Outdoor Wood Furnace Purchases!


1) Heavy Gauge STAINLESS STEEL is used in all assemblies that come in contact
with fire and water. This protects against corrosion and warpage and will increase
the life of your furnace.

2) ASH AUGER CHAMBER and CAST IRON GRATES in the firebox provide
efficient combustion that burns wood into a fine power, providing for easy
removal of ashes without a shovel.

3) SEMI-CLOSED LOOP SYSTEM reduces evaporation of water and/or anti-freeze.

4) MULTIPLE HOOK-UPS allow you to heat more than one building/heating
system from the same furnace, including your home, domestic hot water, swimming
pool, hot tub, garage, workshop, green house, or farm shop.


No mess, smoke or fire danger in home.
No need to split or haul wood into home.
Works with existing forced air, hot water, or radiant floor heating systems.
Long burn times.
Very nice even heat
6) Many different APPLICATIONS from home to workshop and everywhere in between. Click here for more details or visit www.heatmor.com.


Residential Units

    Model 100CSS
     Model 200CSS
100 CSS 200 CSS 400DCSS
Limited Warranty Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
Stainless Steel 409 409 409
Weight (lbs) 1,355 1,620 2,150
Height 87″ 87″
Width 51″ 51″ 51″
Length 65″ 77″ 113.5″
Forced Draft (cfm) 75 150 2 x 150
Chimney Size 8″ 8″
Firebox Length 24 Depth” 28″ Width 36″ Depth 28″ Width 54″ Depth 28″ Width
Heating Area (Sq. Ft.) 3000 5000 10,000
Water Capacity (US gal) 85 114
Firebox Door Opening (W x H) 20” x 18″ 20” x 18″
Slab Length (W x H) 105″
Slab Width (W x H) 50″

Color Options – 22 colors are available. Exact color samples can be supplied by Mikes Heating upon request.

Shaker Grate Option – The HeatmorTM residential models are capable of burning certified types of coal. By adding the Shaker Grate Option to your Heatmor Outdoor Furnace, you will easily be able to burn coal as well as cord wood in the same unit. For more information, please contact Mikes Heating.

shakergratesopen shakergrates

Commercial Units


600 CSS 800 CSS
Limited Warranty Lifetime Lifetime
Stainless Steel 409 409
Weight (lbs) 2,800 5,007
Height 100″ 118″
Width 63″ 87″
Length 106″ 105″
Forced Draft (cfm) 2 X 150 1-150CFM Primary
1-350CFM, Secondary
Chimney Size 10″ 16″
Firebox Length 60″ Depth 37″ Width 47″ Height 54″ Depth 60″ Width 65″ Height
Heating Area (sq ft) 18,000 25,000
Water Capacity (US gal) 285 487
Firebox Door Opening (W x H) 30″ x 36″ 56″ x 50″

Color Options – 22 colors are available. Exact color samples can be supplied by Mikes Heating upon request.

800css_loadQuality – As the outdoor wood furnace industry’s innovator in the use of stainless steel, HEATMOR™, Inc. can offer the finest in quality and craftsmanship and back it with the best warranty available. The new Models 600 CSS and 800 CSS are constructed with the same 409 grade stainless steel furnaces and have been outperforming mild steel three to one (lasting up to three times longer). To provide the strength and durability in these larger models, we have utilized a heavier gauge of stainless steel (7 gauge) to endure the rigors of commercial applications.
easy load Features – Years of research and development have gone into the design of all our outdoor wood furnaces and have resulted in a furnace that offers safety and convenience as well as high performance and efficiency. To insure maximum operator safety, we feature a water-cooled firebox door, fully insulated housing and a CSA approved A.R.D. (Anti-Rollout Device) that guards against flashback. Features such as an ash removal auger, bladder system and forced-air draft make the Models 600 and 800 CSS easy and efficient to operate and maintain. The large capacity firebox and firedoor opening allow for large amounts of wood to be loaded with ease. (36″H X 30″W for 600 CSS and 50″H X 56″W for 800 CSS.)

Applications – The need to heat large commercial-type buildings and to utilize waste wood as an energy resource are the reasons for the development of these units. The 800 CSS model is capable of handling the heating needs of any building up to 25,000 sq. ft. (18,000 sq. ft. for the 600 CSS). Convert your waste wood into heat for your business while reducing heating costs and landfill fee for disposal.

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