Radiant Floor Heating

Install a hydronic radiant floor heating unit and enjoy consistent warmth spreading to every room in the house. Radiant floor heating fills a variety of different applications and gives homeowners a number of unique advantages. This distinct system offers complete, consistent, and comfortable home heating.

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Pex-Al-Pex tubing consists of an aluminum tube laminated between two layers of polyethylene.  The unique construction combines the best of both metal and plastic!

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Pex-Al-Pex Features:

  • 20-30% More efficiency than forced air heating
  • 100% Oxygen barrier (prevents internal corrosion of boiler)
  • Remarkably flexible, yet rigid for ease of handling
  • Retains desired shape for easy installation
  • Kink-resistant and never springs back
  • Superior heat transfer vs. plastic pex tubing
  • Allergen & dust free for a healthy invironment
  • Maintenance free
What is Pex-Al-Pex radiant floor heating?
It is the most energy efficient heating system.  This is due to the system circulating warm water through Pex-Al-Pex tubing located beneath the floor to radiate heat upward.  With a forced air furnace, heat gets trapped at the ceiling while a radiant floor system keeps heat where it’s needed the most.  The air in a room that is heated by a radiant floor system is warmer at 18 inches from the floor than at the ceiling.  Pex-Al-Pex hydronic heating warms the floor and interior surfaces in the room for an even heat distribution.
What makes Pex-Al-Pex heating 20-30% more efficient than forced air heating?
Savings over forced air can be over 30%.  This is partially due to the fact that the heat stays closer to the floor and less heat is lost through the ceiling.  Plus, many people set their thermostats 6-8 degrees cooler and still feel warm
Why is a 100% oxygen barrier important in my Pex-Al-Pex tubing?
The aluminum lining in the Pex-Al-Pex is an oxygen barrier which prevents rust and corrosion of the boiler, expansion tank, pumps, etc…
Is Pex-Al-Pex tubing easy to install?
Yes, Pex-Al-Pex is kink resistant and remarkably flexible yet rigid for ease of handling.  When Pex-Al-Pex is rolled out, it keeps its desired shape and never springs back.  This is a BIG advantage when you are laying it out because it can be rolled out by one person and no special tools are needed.
Does Pex-Al-Pex transfer heat efficiently?
Pex-Al-Pex tubing has a superior heat transfer, especially vs. plastic PEX tubing… approximately 1/3 better.
What are some other reasons why I should choose Pex-Al-Pex Tubing?
Pex-Al-Pex radiant floor heating provides a healthy, clean and quiet system without fans to distribute dust and allergens into the air.